Hosting a Big Event? Market Your Festivities with Three Advertisement Ideas!

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When you’re planning and preparing for a big event, you might not have time to go all out in the marketing and advertisement department. However, there are three classic advertisement methods that could save you time, money, and energy.

What kind of event are you hosting? It is charitable? Is it business-related? One tip to marketing your event is to remember what kind of event you are hosting. Colors also make a difference. If your event is meant to be formal, then royal purple in advertisements would exude sophistication and elegance. If your event is intended to be family-friendly and fun, cheerful colors like yellow and orange would capture the attention of a relaxed, casual audience.

Flyers Still Make a Difference!

Use a service like flyer printing in Joliet to create flyers that you can put in mailboxes, hang on bulletin boards in coffee shops, and stick to store windows. Most people will stop and read a flyer because of natural curiosity, so make sure you put all of the interesting facts about your event on your flyer.

Business Cards? Try Event Cards!

Event cards, like business cards, can be passed around to interested people as you walk throughout your community. It’s a take-and-go way for people to remember your event!

Take Out an Ad in the Local Newspaper for Your Event

Local newspapers run weekly ads on a regular basis for a small fee. One month in advance of your event, take out a daily ad in your local newspaper. This gets the word out without being overbearing to your audience.

Hosting a big event is nerve-wracking enough without worrying over various marketing methods. Use these classic advertisement methods to get the word out in your local community.