Why Your Business Needs Iron-Clad Employment Contracts

employment contracts lawyer

Every business must protect itself when hiring new employees and finalizing their contracts.

As a smaller operation, you may not think it necessary to have employees sign a lengthy contract when they first start working at your establishment. Such an approach is a significant mistake, as you are putting your company at risk by not having iron-clad employment contracts.

Below are a few reasons why every business, regardless of its size or scope, must take employment contracts seriously.

Avoiding Future Problems

The reason you should have an employment contracts lawyer on retainer is because you never know when a problem may arise with an employee.

Someone who is the perfect worker for several months could suddenly develop an issue. If you are unfamiliar with your legal rights as an employer, you may find the process of firing said employee very complex.

Avoid future problems by consulting with a lawyer each time you hire a new employee. They can look over the contract you are preparing to ensure that everything is in order.

Spell Out Termination Causes

Your employment contract should clearly state the circumstances that allow you to legally fire an employee. Such reasons may include consistent tardiness, excessive absences, misbehavior at work, or a significant drop in productivity.

When you do not make these circumstances clear, you could open yourself up to unfair dismissal lawsuits. Many employees can threaten a lawsuit or complications with human resources unless they get their way. Having an iron-clad employment contract would mitigate such a problem significantly.

Conduct Pre-Employment Checks

You should work with an employment lawyer to set up a system for hiring new workers. Having a proper workflow in place ensures you are not leaving anything to chance, or rushing through a hiring because you need to fill a spot quickly.

Every worker should go through a background screening and other checks before they are given a job offer. Such screening protects your other employees and customers, along with the reputation of your business.