Why Your Business Needs Iron-Clad Employment Contracts

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Every business must protect itself when hiring new employees and finalizing their contracts.

As a smaller operation, you may not think it necessary to have employees sign a lengthy contract when they first start working at your establishment. Such an approach is a significant mistake, as you are putting your company at risk by not having iron-clad employment contracts.

Below are a few reasons why every business, regardless of its size or scope, must take employment contracts seriously.

Avoiding Future Problems

The reason you should have an employment contracts lawyer on retainer is because you never know when a problem may arise with an employee.

Someone who is the perfect worker for several months could suddenly develop an issue. If you are unfamiliar with your legal rights as an employer, you may find the process of firing said employee very complex.

Avoid future problems by consulting with a lawyer each time you hire a new employee. They can look over the contract you are preparing to ensure that everything is in order.

Spell Out Termination Causes

Your employment contract should clearly state the circumstances that allow you to legally fire an employee. Such reasons may include consistent tardiness, excessive absences, misbehavior at work, or a significant drop in productivity.

When you do not make these circumstances clear, you could open yourself up to unfair dismissal lawsuits. Many employees can threaten a lawsuit or complications with human resources unless they get their way. Having an iron-clad employment contract would mitigate such a problem significantly.

Conduct Pre-Employment Checks

You should work with an employment lawyer to set up a system for hiring new workers. Having a proper workflow in place ensures you are not leaving anything to chance, or rushing through a hiring because you need to fill a spot quickly.

Every worker should go through a background screening and other checks before they are given a job offer. Such screening protects your other employees and customers, along with the reputation of your business.

Four Tips to Making Your Home More Comfortable and Fun for BBQs and Get-Togethers

Inviting people over this summer? There’s nothing quite like a BBQ or classic summer get-together for bonding with family and friends. There’s so much to plan! Where is everyone going to sit? What are you all going to do for fun?

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In this article, we give you four great ideas to making your home more comfortable and fun for BBQs and get-togethers. Take notes! Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to come up with a few of your own and run with them.

Build a Deck!

With the help of a local handyman in charleston, sc, you could easily build a deck to accommodate all of your guests this summer. Sure, it might take a week or two, depending on how big it is and the schedule of the professionals, but it would add significant space to your entertainment area.

Add an Above Ground Pool to Your Summertime Fun!

Above ground pools are easy to set up, and you can call in professionals for the water. The whole process takes roundabout a month to complete, but it’s worth the wait. You could host a pool party!

Dot the Yard with Picnic Tables

Picnic tables add a hint of nostalgia to your yard. Everyone has their memories involving picnic tables, and you can make new ones with spreads of delicious foods and desserts on each one.

Hang Twinkling Fairy Lights or Paper Lanterns for Dusk

For those friends and family members that want to stay a little longer, string lights around the patio, yard, or deck. It’s a beautiful, twinkling way to add illumination to your outdoor event after the sun has set.

If you plan on throwing a party this summer, these four ideas are more than enough to keep your guests well-fed, comfortable, and entertained. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget the potato salad!

Hosting a Big Event? Market Your Festivities with Three Advertisement Ideas!

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When you’re planning and preparing for a big event, you might not have time to go all out in the marketing and advertisement department. However, there are three classic advertisement methods that could save you time, money, and energy.

What kind of event are you hosting? It is charitable? Is it business-related? One tip to marketing your event is to remember what kind of event you are hosting. Colors also make a difference. If your event is meant to be formal, then royal purple in advertisements would exude sophistication and elegance. If your event is intended to be family-friendly and fun, cheerful colors like yellow and orange would capture the attention of a relaxed, casual audience.

Flyers Still Make a Difference!

Use a service like flyer printing in Joliet to create flyers that you can put in mailboxes, hang on bulletin boards in coffee shops, and stick to store windows. Most people will stop and read a flyer because of natural curiosity, so make sure you put all of the interesting facts about your event on your flyer.

Business Cards? Try Event Cards!

Event cards, like business cards, can be passed around to interested people as you walk throughout your community. It’s a take-and-go way for people to remember your event!

Take Out an Ad in the Local Newspaper for Your Event

Local newspapers run weekly ads on a regular basis for a small fee. One month in advance of your event, take out a daily ad in your local newspaper. This gets the word out without being overbearing to your audience.

Hosting a big event is nerve-wracking enough without worrying over various marketing methods. Use these classic advertisement methods to get the word out in your local community.

Tips To Use As A Janitor

When it comes to cleaning you need to do the best job you can. For many professional cleaning companies, they hire janitors to do the cleaning for them. These people will have the tools and training to get the jobs done as quickly as possible while still giving great results. For those janitorial services in Pittsburgh, here are some tips I discovered along the way.

Start with the trash.

One of the best ways to get rid of the trash is to dump it into a big garbage bag. The bigger the bag, the easier you can move around with it. The bags will also hold more when you are cleaning. Try not to make several trips back and forth from the office as that takes time away from your other tasks.

Always have a rag in your back pocket

Another time saving tasks is to have a rag in your back pocket. When you have this rag, you can easily reach behind you and pull it out. This will assist you in cleaning up spills and messes as well as wipe down surfaces as you go. The last thing that you want to do is go back after leaving a room or section.

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Put all your trash in piles by the door

When sweeping the floors, you want to push everything that you collect to a pile by the main doorway. You do this so that when you are finished cleaning the floor you can pick up the dirt, toss it in the trash and move on to the next room.

Work in teams

If you can, work in teams. If you have two people that work well together team them up. This way they can create their own flow and rhythm in order to get tasks done quickly and efficiently.